Culture of wine-drinking

Culture of wine drinking


(lines from the Philosophy of Wine by Béla Hamvas)

"Drinking has its rules: anytime, anywhere and anyhow, it is enough for serious time, serious-minded people, serious-minded nation...

But the circumstances are important. The season and the section of the day have to be chosen to the nature of wine. There are lounger, flirtish, strory-teller and tragic wines. It is the biggest cruelty to drink dramatic wine on a family reunion. It is also tactless to drink lustful wine in a banquet. If you are alone, outdoor, try to find perspective. Wine like height, view and watching down. If you are in a room, first of all, lay a shawl on the table. The barbaric, poor, drinks from oilcloth, but not because he has no shawl but he has no heart. In every case eat first, at least some nuts, almonds or peanuts. To these oily seeds the bouquet of wine unfolds. Late autumn have some chestnuts- cooked or baked- on your table or some cakes, and drink the young wine to these. Do not forget about the chrysanthemum. It can be yellow, light purple, white it does not matter. Chestnut, chrysanthemum, young wine! Remember it!

Wine-drinking has no muse, but if it has not, just those can drink it properly, who were educated by muses- read poets, listen to music at least  (if they do not play), and admired by paintings. These people can choose the proper place for work, walking, sleeping, talking, reading, and they are the only ones who know that love and wine anywhere, anyhow, anytime.

How to drink?

The water is the first principle. First the water turns into wine,then the wine changes into blood. The water is the material, wine, blood, spirit, soul. The double transsubstantiality is: from material to soul, from soul to spirit, which we have to experience here in the world.

This has to happen with ceremony just like other serious, important things in life. Wine-drinking has just only one rule: anywhere, anytime, anyhow. The instict must awake in everybody, to give the dignity to drinking. Then comes the question: how?

First of all about glasses. May I tell the big sadness of my life? Wherever I was, at home, at somebody?s the same things happen. I had my soup and according to the ancestors? rules I drank 40 drops. 40 drops after the soup is such a rule that can not be changed. After that we ate the meat, vegetable sauce, garnish and salad. The best time to drink is when the half of the second course is eaten. The thirst rise to the highest pitch at that time. The glass is small. I have never seen such 3,5 or 4 decilitre glasses which could prepare my perfectly experimented mixture and I could drink it in the same breath.

I know what some will say. Why I do not drink another glass. I realise the barbarian who has no sense to anything. Two glasses are not the same as one glass, and if the impulsion is lost, the most important thing is lost "the same breath". If I want to drink 2 times I put 2 glasses in front of me. But I want to drink exactly with one glass, which is enough for my thirst. The length of my thirst is 3,5-4 decilitres. Neither more, nor less. To this thirst the drinking to the last drop is suitable.

In a household where the wine is respected, there are at least 20 kinds of glasses from half decilitre to 1,5 liter glasses. Different glasses must be used in the morning and in the afternoon. If there is a long meeting, everybody gets his/her 1,5 litre cup and drink as they like. To chats smaller glasses are enough. According to wines and mixture the selection is countless. It has to be left to the taste. Other glass is needed to cards and other to concert held at home. And other to "alsó" and "tarokk" card games. We must think about the quality of glass, especially the thickness. How can anybody drink wine of Szentgyörgyhegy from thick glass?

To the question how, goes with which company is the best to drink with. Themain rule is: drink! Anywhere, anytime, anyhow!  The nature of wine should decide the number of wine drinkers. There is a little univesal wine- that kind the whole population could drink at a big feast, for instance: universal peace. For this occasion I would recommend Somlai wine from my wines. This is the wine of the lonesome, because universal peace is the desire of lonesome people. In a bigger company 20-30 people should always drink young wine. The lowest category (students): Homoki wine, the highest category: (artists) the wine of Csopak and Arácsi, smaller company: wine of Gyöngyös, 2-3 people: wine of Badacsonyi, lovers: wine of Szekszárd. Friends should drink old wine from small glasses as they can clink several times

Where to drink?

Anywhere, but do not hide. If you hide you will be like the thigh of the woman, who does not even take off clothes at wedding-night. You will be blind and shifty. You can drink anywhere but you must be modest and conscious, because this two go together. In summer drink in the garden, under the tree and on the porch, in big heat in the cool room or in the cellar. Be careless! You must not live in obscurity. Always say: I am drinking wine now. Don?t disclaim it, and it will not be a problem. Do not be puritan, who gobbles and say: I am not eating, I am not eating. Do anything you want. Do not deny the love from yourself. And the wine. If you live like this, you can sit at the edge of the main road and take your flask out and drink. You will act in the proper way. In winter you can drink by the stove, in the kitchen, out in the snow, in the pub or by the desk. You can also drink in your lonesome bedroom, in the bed and in the bath. All of these are pertinent.

...Drink! The thing I offer is the oil of clearness, the oil of ecstasy.

Drink. All the other things are given by wine.

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