Excursions around Szekszárd

Excursions around Szekszárd

Dark Valley” Natural Park can be found 10 kms from Szekszárd, which is a famous tourist spot for hiking, relaxing and fishing. (fishing: +36/74/312-593).
The names of Őcsény, Decs, Sárpilis, Alsónyék és Báta are well known of their folk costume, and preserved culture. Every third year, during the Riverside Folklore Festival by the Danube they present this treasure, but there is also much to see during the normal weekdays.
The centre town of Sárköz is Decs. You can see its rich folklore on a permanent exhibition in the Decs Folk-house (+36/30/3602-127), which has whitewashed walls.The Doll Museum is not far from the Folk-house. More than 150 dolls can be seen in the museum presenting the traditional costumes of Sárk(+36/74/495-734). Decs Folk-houseDoll Museum

Sióagárd has a characteristic folk costume. The locals put it on even nowadays on holidays. Excellent wines are made in the cellars of Leányvár which rises next to the village. Wine tasting, visiting cellars: Ferenc Cellar (+36/20/9753-814).,Embroidery Museum Embroidery Museum: Vargáné Kovács Veronika (+36/30/2294-293). Reneissance banquet for groups: Faddi Varga János royal chef (+36/30/9594-029).
Fadd-Dombori, the popular holiday spot expects its visitors by the backwater of the Danube.


Summer cottages, wooden-houses, campsites, holiday resorts offer accommodation. Fadd is famous for its „Myth Galery” (+36/74/447-756). Tolna is a small town with interesting exhibitions: Museum of Silk Factory, Exhibition of Local History and Blue Dyeing Workshop (+36/30/691-4033). It is worth visiting the Danube settlements: Bogyiszló and Gerjen. The only airport of Tolna County can be found in Őcsény, where after previous appointment many forms of flying can be practised (+36/74/496-265).


The townscape of Bátaszék is determined by its wonderful neogothic church.
Szálka is a popular hiking and fishing spot with its picturesque countryside, the freshwater lakes hiding among the slopes. Apart from the summer artists’ and students’ camp, folk-tourism also flourishes.

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