Danube-Dráva National Park - Gemenc forest

Danube-Dráva National Park - Gemenc forest

The Gemenc forest can be found less than six kilometers from Szekszárd, which has been part of the Danube-Drava National Park since 1996. This flood area forest along the banks of the Danube is one of the treasures of Europe, where the lush vegetation gives shelter to the native red deer, wild boar, and its reputation is due to the red deer trophies killed here which often meant a world record. We can also see the black stork here, which is considered a rarity even Europe. There are many options for exploring the beautiful forest in the Danube flood basin: on foot or by bicycle, with an organized guided tour, by mini-railway, boat, catamaran, canoe or horse drawn carriage. The Gemenc forest does have marked tourist
routes, but to truly become acquainted with the landscape, a guided tour is recommended.

Bike rentals in Szekszárd, Szekszárd, Rákóczi u. 15.
Tel.: +36/74/511-345,  mobil: +36/30/7555-753  e-mail:
Bike rentals in Gemenc forest: Pörböly Ökotourist Center,,  e-mail:

The Gemenc mini-railway is operated by the Gemenc Zrt. from May 1st through September 30th according the summer timetable. The forest railway is operated in winter also, but  does not go continuously. It starts at the Pörböly Ökotourist Center, 25 kilometers from Szekszárd. Tickets can be purchased on the train. Groups must register in advance at one of the following phone numbers: +36/74/315-198 or Tourinform office: +36/74/491-483, e-mail: For schedules and further information visit the following websites:, E-mail:

Boat tours: Advance registration required. The boat departs from Baja. Along the river Danube and its backwaters, visitors gain insights into the rich water world of the Gemenc Forest. For further information please call: +36/74/491-483, or visit
Canoe rental in Szekszárd, Rákóczi u. 15.
Tel: +36/74/511-345, mobil: +36/30/7555-753, +3620/9417-027, or at the Pörböly Ecotourist Center Tel: +36/74/491-483   e-mail:   
Catamaran tours on the Sió channel and the Danube: for maximum 6 adults and 2 children catamarans depart by appointment. For further information please call: +36/30/9466-977
Horse drawn carriages can be rented at the Gemenc Excursion Center (+36/20/566-8076) or at the Pörböly Ecotourist Center Tel.: +36/74/491-483
The Gemenc Excursion Center is located 8 kilometers from Szekszárd at the edge of the Gemenc forest. From Szekszárd it can be reached on the Keselyűsi road going towards Gemenc. The service roads to the center have been closed to busses. Visitors arriving by bus will have to take a 10 minute walk to the Excursion Center. For cars there is a designated parking lot directly in front of the center. From May 1st
through October 31st visitors can choose from the following activities at the center:
Accomodation in one of the upscale wood cabins of the Trophy wooden houses, furnished Finnish style and offering an unmitigated forest experience.
Dining at the Trófea Restaurant. Tel: +36/74/312-552, +36/30/420-7010 (The restaurant is closed, will be opened expectedly from 2012.)
Trophy Museum: built by Prince Frigyes in 1896 from red fir, in the style of a hunting lodge to showcase his hunting trophies. Today it is a museum housing a permanent exhibit called „Life in the flood plains”. The exhibition showcases the gems of the Danube-Dráva National Park and traditional floodplain farming
methods. The exhibition can only be visited with a tour guide by appointment. (Danube-Dráva National Park) Tel.: +36/30/377-3388, +36/30/405-4571)

Trophy wooden housesTrophy wooden housesTrophy Museum

A petting zoo, small animal shows, horse carriage rides and a forest school await animal friends. Guided tours are available for groups. Appointments can be made at the following phone numbers: +36/20/566 -8076, +36/20/566-8332, or visit:


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