Virtual Trips around Szekszárd

Őcsény, Decs, Sárpilis, Báta are famous for their fascinating traditional costumes and preserving their culture. This treasure is presented in the tri-annual Danube Region Intenational Folklore Festival, bur there are a lot of thing to see in weekdays.

The capital of Sárköz is Decs. The rich folk treasures can be seen in the permanent exhibition in the white-washed Village House. In the village house the local dancers and musicians show their performances.

Village House: Decs, 2-8 Rákóczi street, Tel.: +36 74 495-040

In Őcsény the only airport of the county canbe found, by pre-arrangement many forms of flying can be practiced.

The beautiful neogothic church of Bátaszék is dominant in the look of the town.

Szálka with its picturesque landscape, clear-water lakes hidden in the valleys, is popular trekking ang angling spot. The village-tourism flourishes beside the summer camps and students? camps.

Sióagárd hasa unique traditional costumes, on prominent days they still wear them. In the cellars of Leányvár magnificent wine are produced, the national fish-soup making competition is held here every year as a part of Alisca Wine Days. In the cellar-village the fans of gastronomy are waited by the renaissance meals of Royal Chef János Varga Faddi.

Royal chef János Varga Faddi: Tel.: +36 30 9594-029

Fadd-Dombori is popular holiday spot, at backwater of the Danube awaits the visitors. The accomodation is provided by summer cottages, wooden houses,camp sites, holiday resorts.

Youth Camp in Fadd-Dombori, 1 Dunasor: Tel.: +36 74 311-928

12 kms away Szekszárd, Szent Gaál Kastély Pension House and Wine-house awaits the tired tourists. Tel.: +36 74 412-828

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