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Sports in Szekszárd

The sport life of Szekszárd is based on the traditions of the 8 sport associations which were founded between 1840-1918. These were enriched by other 8 associations, founded in the next 25 years. Shooting has the oldest history in the town. They did not get official authorization, but later they started to count their functioning from 1840.

Szekszárd Athletics Club organized the Athletics. First it was founded in 1878/79, but after the reorganisation it has functioned since 1926. The Skating Association existed in 1880. Cycling has traditions from the 19th century (1895). The footballers was held together by Törekvés and Turul Sport Society in the 1920s.

In 1996 42 officially recorded sport associations worked in Szekszárd. In 26 of them there were professional sport. The other ones helped to spend the leisure time usefully and the constant exercise for a healthy way of living.

In the associations and leagues there are 1100 licensed players, who compete in 26 sports. The Sports Hall, upkept by the town, has been available for the sportpersons and for those who like sport since 27 May 1989. It contains a bituminous handball pitch and a whole sports area. There are 9 ashpalted and 3 grassy sports ground in the town.

Different institutions, associations, restaurants operate sports grounds, swimming pools, automatic bowls alley, billiards pools, bodybuilding gyms. Szekszárd is called the town of basketball because of the success of its basketball team in division I. The International Gemenc Cup Bicycle Race and Weightlifting Húsos World Cup have the same rank.

The town first housed the Adidas Streetball Challenge Championship in 1997. and since then it has been organized here.

Prominent sports are: athletics, cycling, handball, basketball, weightlifting and swimming, in which the sport clubs are represented from Division I. to Division III. These sports and those which help spend the leisure time usefully, get financial assistance from the local government.

Ippon Karate society is the youngest successful team getting points in World Cup. The members of Uni Boxing Team do well in the professional boxing field. In 1996 László Bodnár was the first in Hungary who won the international champion title of WBU of 56 kg. The same title was won by Zoltán Kalocsai of 62 kg. In 1997 he was the first in Hungary who was boxing to be the professional world champion. In 1998 Lajos Erős got the international heavyweight championship title of WBU in the boxing gala in Szekszárd.

Good results were born in other sports as well. In 1996 Zsuzsa Varga, competitress of Szekszárd Vízmű SE, won team gold medal and individual bronze medal in the Duathlon European Championship. In the same year János Szabó, the competitor of Dynamic Se, won individual silver medal in the Quadtriatlon European Championship. In 1997 Antal Hudanik, the competitor of Rádióklub Szekszárd, defended his world champion title of telegraphy in Sofia in the world championship. The cyclists also have good results, the name of Dávid Arató and Csaba Steig can be mentioned.

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