Angling is available with children ticket till the age of 14, with junior ticket till the age of 18 or for the others with adult ticket.
Children can use 1 fishing-gear, but prohibited to take home valuable fish, junior ticket holders can also use 1 fishing rod but allowed to take the valuable fish home. Having the opportunity to angle at the bottom or on the surface with moving bait. Adult are allowed to angle with 2 fishing rods.

The size restriction of some fish are the same in most fishing spots, rarely differ from the regulation. It is banned to angle the fish if shorter than: Volga pike-perch(20cm), trout (22cm), carp, pike-perch, black perch (30cm),barbel, bream, pike,asp (40cm), sterlet (45cm), cat-fish (50 cm)

The prohibition time connected to the multiplication of fish, is not operative in some places or just with modification. According to a national act the prohibition of species is: pike (15th February - 29th March), pike-perch, bream ( 1st March - 30 April), volga pike-perch (1 March-28 June), sterlet (1st March - 31st May), carp, barbel and cat-fish (smaller than 10kg)(2nd May - 14th June), trout (10th October -1st December).

The quantity of catch is different from the regulation ( for adults 3+2 valuable fish + 10kg other fish ) a day, more information on the spot.

Horgász Egyesületek Tolna Megyei Szövetsége ( The League of Angling Associations of Tolna County)
Address: 7100 Szekszárd 46 Rákóczi street
Gecse Lajos
Tel.: + 36 74 312-593 8:00-15:30 on weekdays
National fishing licence for foreigners is 500 HUF. The daily tickets must be purchased on the spot.

Bogyiszló- Back water of Bogyiszló

A reedy fresh water lake, once was the branch of Danube, later backwater.
Angling mainly from landing-places or from boats.
Water type:  silty backwater
Territory: 25 hectares
Fish: carp, pike, pike-perch, bream, silver crucian
Fishing licence can be purchased at Bogyiszló Angling Association
(Bogyiszló, 28 Kossuth street Tel.: +36 74 540-157)
Daily ticket in ÁFÉSZ grocer's: ( Bogyiszló, 32 Kossuth street Tel.: +36 74 440-359) ticket price: 1500 HUF

Fadd, Fadd-dombori - Holt Duna

The steep curves were formed according to the regulation of the Danube, it is how back water of Fadd was shaped. The depth the water is 2,5 m but can reach 7-8m.
Water type: backwater
Territory: 215 hectares
Fish: carp, cat-fish, pike-perch, crucian, breams, eel, barbel, pike
  • Cat-fish 98 kg
  • Carp 18kg
  • Eel 1,5kg

Fishing licence and daily tickets can be purchased at Angling Association of Fadd ( Faddi Horgász Egyesület)( Fadd-Dombori, 8 Nyárfa street)

Kakasd - Dark Valley (Sötétvölgy)  fishing lake

It is popular hiking and angler spot with picturesque coast, a place with easy access near Szekszárd.
Water type: round reservoir
Territory: 16 hectares
Fish: carp, pike, cat-fish, pike-perch, crucian, breams
Operator: Civil Servants Angling Association ( Közalkalmazottak HE)

Keselyűs - Keselyűsi Holt Sió

Situated 13 km from Szekszárd with the territory of 25 hectares. The operator is The League of Angling Association Of Tolna County ( Horgász Egyesületek Tolna Megyei Szövetsége)
With its beautiful, undisturbed surroundings the old backwater of Sió worth a visit by boat or on the coast.
Water type: backwater
Territory: 25 hectares
Fish: carp, pike-perch, pike, cat-fish, eel, bream, crucian
Record: bream 4,2 kg
Fishing licence is purchased in the office of Anglers Association of Tolna County. ( 7100 Szekszárd 46 Rákóczi street) Tel.: +36 74 210-987, +36 74 312-593 or in Keselyűs Csárda tel.:+36 74 312-444
Angling is day and night, the restrictions are according to the national regultions.

Szálka - Segregation pool

It was built to be the fore-reservoir, segregation pool of the reservoir of Szálka.
This water can be seen immediately coming out of the village of Szálka.
Water type: artificial fore-reservoir
Territory: 5,7 hectsres
Fish: carp,bream,
Daily tickets can be purchased in thebuffet at Peter Simon or in horog Csárda.

Szálka - reservoir of Szálka

The bed - and the indented coastline -is varied, but the depth is not different from the other reservoirs.
The lower parts of it are 6-9 m deep.
Water type: reservoir with barrage
Fish: 57 hectares
Fish: carp, pike, pike-perch, cat-fish, eel, trout, bream,
Record: carp 23 kg
 cat-fish 76kg
Daily tickets can be purchased in the buffet at Peter Simon or in Horog Csárda.

River Danube

Our biggest river at Paks and Mohács offers perfect angling possibilities both by boat and on the coast.
There are several parts of the Danube as sand-bed, branches, landslides  to make the visit exciting for visitors.
Water type: river
Fish: carp, pike, pike-perch, cat-fish, barbel, sterlet, burbot,
Visitors can purchase daily  tickets at Anglers' County Association (Tolna 113 Bajcsy Zs street)

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