Partner towns and twincities of Szekszárd of county rank

Imformation about towns and the characteristics of realtionship

1.) Bezons

Location: France, the northern-eastern outskirts of Paris
Town hall: F-95870 Bezons, 9 rue Villeneuve
Mayor: Dominique Lesparre (since 2001)
Relationship: the relationship of municipalities are co-ordinated by exchange agreement every 2 years. Co-operation types: school exchanges, exchanges of civil and cultural institutions, cultural and sport programs, camps ( Szekszárd-Bezons-Downpatrick)
Szekszárd-Bezons friendly society exists since 1992, which organise the programs with the French societies.
President: Fisi Istvánné dr

Some important events of the last few years:

2001. REV?ARTS artistic exhibitions with the participation of artists of Szekszárd
2002. 35th anniversary, French Days, the dedication of Bezons park in Szekszárd,

reward journey for students of grammar schools of Szekszárd
2003. collective building camp (Szekszárd-Bezons-Downpatrick)
appearance of Bartina folk-dance group in Bezons
2004. The delegation of Szekszárd-Bezons friendly society and municipality visited Bezons

2.) Ó-Becse

Location: Serbia and Montenegro ( Vajdaság)
Town hall:21220 Becej, Skupstina Opstine, Oslobodenja Br. 1
Web site:,

Relationship: co-operation between the municipalities, cultural exchange,medical aid and invitation of children at the time of war

3.) Tornio

Location: northern part of Finland
Town hall: Kaupungintalo Tornio, SF-95430 Tornio Finland
Lord Mayor: Raimo Ronkainnen (since 1995)

Relationship: invitation of school and municipaity delegations, cultural exchanges, szekszárd-Tornio friendly society does not exist, Economic relationship does not work because of distance

Some important events of the last few years:

2001. the delegation of teachers and students of Kemi-Torino polytechnic visited Szekszárd
2002. Hannula Elementary School invited the students of János Garay Elementary School to Tornio
2003-2004 exchange of students of János Garay Grammar School and István Bezerédj Secondary School

4.) Bietigheim-Bissingen

Location: Germany in Baden-Württemberg, 20 km from Stuttgart
Town hall: Rathaus Bietigheim, D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Marktplatz 8.
Mayor: Jürgen Kessing (since 2004)
Web site:
Relationship: Excelent partnership with civil organisations, youth camps, participation in exhibitions, markets, aids. Direct relationship with Szekszárd German Minority Municipality.

Some important events of the last few years:

2001. Participation of Szekszárd in Enztalwoche International Market and Exhibition, visit of students of Administrative College in Szekszárd
2002. The 50th anniversary of province Baden-Württemberg in Szekszárd and Karlsruhe
International archeological camp, "Sun Bibisco" toy town in Bietigneim
2003. International dance camp in Bietigheim, youth creative camp in Szekszárd
2004. farewell of Manfred List, Lord Mayor after (35 years)
International photo camp in Bietigheim

5.) Lugos

Location: Romania, near Temesvár (Bánát- 10% Hungarians)
Town hall: Primaria Municipiului Lugoj, RO-305500 Lugoj, Piata Victoriei nr.4
Mayor: Marius Martinescu (since 1996)

Relationship: close relationship between the municipalities, Calvinist church, public associations, communities and schools, the relationships are tightened with RMDSZ in the last few years,
In 2003 was the Szekszárd-Lugos-Facsád friendly society founded,
Tolna Megyei Agrár Kamara and Rotary Club has good relationship with partners in Lugos,
Frequent aids from Szekszárd

Some important events of the last few years:

2001 participation in church-ale in Lugos, beerfestival in May, appearance of Bartina folk-dance group, aid for the rebuilding of centre of RMDSZ
2002 participation in festivals and commemoration of revolution of 1989 in December, aids to RMDSZ in Lugos
2003 celebration of the 10th anniversary of partnerships in Lugos and Szekszárd, István szombati-szabó Reciting competition, the centential celebrations of Calvinist church in Lugos
2004, Inviting doctors and later farmers, inviting student to the artistic camp in szálka, participating in the programs of Identity Szabadegyetem in Nagykanizsa

6.) Waregem

Location: Belgium, 100km from Brussels on the west
Town hall:B-8790 Waregem, Stadsbestuur Waregem, Gemeenteplein 2
Mayor: Yolande Dhondt ( since 2000)
Relationship: the meeting of baskeball teams started it, since then there are exchanges of groups, bands
Tourists arrived in summer, several friendships were formed
Waregem invites 60-70 students from poor families

Some important events of the last few years:

2001. youth of Waregem participated in III.International Singing Week, Hungarian Days in Waregem, appearance of Bartina folk-dance group, appearence of youth brass band in Szekszárd, participation in "Braderie" exhibition of Waregem
2002. students of Szivárvány school were invited to Belgium
The group of Decs called Gyöngyösbokréta and the viticulturists of Szekszárd visited Waregem
2003.10th anniversary in Szekszárd and Waregem, Belgian runners arrived for this occasion
participation in Waregem Koerse horse-race, organising Hungarian Day in Waregem
2004: Orchester Crescendo brass band had a concert in szekszárd and Balaton

7.) Ravenna(province)

Location: Italy, in Emilia Romagna province, on th beach, south of Venice
Town hall: I-48100 Ravenna, Piazza Caduti per la Liberta 2/4
President: Francesco Giangrandi (since 2001)
Relationship: some settlements of Ravenna province (Faenza, Cervia, Forli) get connection with Szekszárd
Students and delegation arrived, some new European projects(Wineplan, Interreg III/B, Cultura 2000, Biodizel-program?etc), co-operation with museums and national parks

Some important events in the last few years:

2001. "Dante in Hungary" exhibition in House of Arts and in Ravenna, I.Béla Grammar School get connected with Alfredo Oriani Grammar School in Ravenna
2002 Conference for the 10th anniversary Ravenna and Ostalbkreis provinces, Hungarian historic memories were exhibited in Ravenna and in Szekszárd 2003.
Participation in International exhibition and market in Faenza
2003. enterpreneurs of Ravenna participated in the XI. Vita Agricole agricultural exhibition, participation in the exhibition of Emilia Romagna called: economic connections of eastern European market
2004 appearence of Teatrovivo theatre from Ravenna in szekszárd
"birdwatching" conferences and programs, common project plans between museums

8.) Facsád

Location: Romania (near Lugos, 5-6% of Hungarians)
Town hall: Faget, str. Calea lugojului nr. 25
Mayor: Dorel Covaci (since 1990)
Relationship: people of Szekszárd settled down in Facsád and Igazfalva, co-operation of institutions connected to programs of Lugos

Some important events of the last few years:

Participation in the memory day of Bunyaszekszárd, the book of János Kaczián, and Teodóra Janka Nagy dr about Bunyaszekszárd was published, aids to rebuilding of the Calvinist church and to organising memory days

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